1. threadbanger:

    Adding monsters to thrift store paintings = FUCKYEAH! 

    (via oneiropompus)

  2. for the green one, i refilled an old brush pen with bleach and i really like the results

  3. You want these.


  4. Capitolo Playground Flea Market

    I’m gonna be there with a pile of deconstructed t-shirts and some more awesome jewelry!

  5. I’ve got an online store again! 

    I’ll have more stuff available soon.

  6. Selling these at First Friday! I’ll be at 2nd St near Church. 

  7. mspamdrew:

    my latest creation

    porcelain, cotton and skunk vertebrae 

  8. porcelain, cotton twine, small mammal vertebrae 


  9. First Friday!

    First one I’ve been to all year and I had a good time startling people from underneath my flower crown!

  10. (via pathogen)